That Special Hoody

That Special Hoody

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Sharing clothes is something that everyone has done; whether it is with your siblings or with the person you’re in a relationship with. Here’s the dilemma though, sometimes you never get those clothes back.

I’ve noticed lately that my sister has sticky hands. She has a lot of clothing (hooded sweaters and t-shirts mainly) that is definitely not hers. She has a good mixture of my brothers, her boyfriends and even her friends’ sisters’ clothing. She’s not a thief, but is it the fact that she likes free things or does each piece of clothing have sentimental value to it also?

It’s the normal thing these days to give a hooded sweater or t-shirt to someone you’re dating. It shows that you want to make them warm even when you’re not there or it could mean any other cheesy line they may make up to make you feel good. What if you break up or what if you just really want those clothes back because you like them so much? Well, for some people, they still haven’t given back their clothes because they avoid the awkward conversation.

I guess I am here to give advice, so here’s my advice. When you want your clothes back, you just have to go through with it and ask for them back. Chances are he or she is going to say OK and give them to you (hopefully in a mature way). What if you still don’t get your clothes back? Chances are, he or she wears it when you’re not around, gave it away to someone else or the Goodwill or burned it.

Clothes are essential for warmth, style, embarrassment and they have sentimental value to them. I have given numerous things to my sister, but I gave my favorite hooded sweater to an ex-girlfriend, and I haven’t seen it since. Keep this rule of thumb; if clothing leaves your possession for more than a week, don’t expect to get it back.