Luscious, Lavish, Latin

Luscious, Lavish, Latin

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Okay, so this past weekend I got to go see the Alliance Symphony Orchestra play. On October 14, at 3 p.m. in Alliance High School. It was awesome!

First of all, how many people can say they regularly go to see symphony concerts for free? Not many. But holy wow, if you’re a Mount student you get free access to the concert! In fact, If you’re a Mount student you can see ALL the music recitals put on by the music department for free! If you’re not taking advantage of these opportunities, I would get on that my friend.

But back to the concert. This year it was Latin themed, which was really cool. Three Octobers ago they did a Halloween one, and honestly I don’t remember the themes from the last two years. But the ASO always does something interesting.

And Eric Benjamin is just great. He’s obviously very good at what he does, and everyone watching just knows he’s really passionate about the music. I always walk away learning something. For example, the composer of the opera Carmen,¬†Georges Bizet, had actually never been to Spain! So many people consider Carmen to be composed in “classic Spanish style,” but it’s actually all Bizet’s imagination! ¬†That’s talent.

After the Carmen selections, and explaining that Carmen wasn’t really “Spanish,” Eric Benjamin said to the audience, “Now it’s time for the real thing baby.” Oh, I laughed so hard. He’s a hoot.

I just love having the opportunity to see so much musical talent. The ASO is a bunch of college and high school students, as well as community members.

And it’s so great that Alliance has an orchestral opportunity like that–orchestra programs for high schools are really rare. I can’t tell you enough how fantastic it is that we have that kind of opportunity here.

If you can’t wait until spring semester to see ASO play, fear not! They actually have a big band branch of the ASO, and they’re performing in the Mount Union Theatre at 7 p.m. on December 15. Should be really fun, I know I’m looking forward to going.

Maybe I’ll see you there!