Final Stretch of the Season

Final Stretch of the Season

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It is almost the end of the wrestling season for me. Although it started over four months ago, this season went by fast. It’s always a bad and good thing when the season ends as I don’t get to do the sport I love and I don’t work out as much, but then again I get to rest my body and I get to eat whatever I want now.

I’ve had a good season personally. I’ve wrestled a variety of wrestlers everyone from novice wrestlers to a NCAA Division III National Champion. My record might not show that I’ve improved since freshman year, but the competition I’ve wrestled was tougher than last year, and I beat guys this year I probably wouldn’t have beat last year.

I am most likely done with my competition for the year, but I will continue practicing with the varsity wrestlers since they still have the OAC Tournament and possibly the NCAA Division III National Tournament. Practicing with them not only makes them better, but also me as well. I hope that when I am on varsity, I will have teammates that will still practice although their season may be done.

I am nearly half way done with my college wrestling career, which feels weird since it seems like it just began. My ultimate goal by the end of college is to become an All-American/National Champion. It’s a goal that I thought seemed unrealistic in high school, but now I know I can do it.

The season is almost over, and where one ends, another one starts. Baseball is officially practicing and I am one of the athletic training students for the team, so we’ll see how the season goes.