Makin’ Some Extra Cash

Makin’ Some Extra Cash

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It appears as if college students always seem to lack one thing – money. Students always tend to use the phrase “I’m just a poor college student.” So much money is spent on tuition, textbooks, food and groceries each semester. Even though all this money is spent, it is often times hard to hold down a steady job due to a heavy academic load and busy schedule.

At Mount Union though, this is not the case. On campus, there are so many ways and opportunities to make a few bucks and even gain just a little more than that in the process. Mount Union offers many on-campus employment opportunities, which vary from working in an administrative office and working in the MAAC to being a science laboratory assistant and being an academic tutor in a class. There are even opportunities to earn money working closely with freshmen and the incoming freshmen class. At Mount Union, you can be employed or take part in work study at just about any place on campus.

Holding a job on campus, however, does not just allow you to make a few extra dollars and offset your college tuition though. It provides so much more. It allows you to get involved and put yourself out there. It gives you the chance to meet new friends and form relationships with people you would not have had the opportunity to without the job. It presents the ability to get to know others. A campus job also helps you to better adapt to campus life and become more familiar with the campus itself including where things are located, who to go to for certain issues and where the best hang out spots are.

Just take me for example. I currently hold a job in Beeghly Hall in the Office of the President. I began working there last year during the second semester of my freshmen year. Not only have I been given many unique opportunities and experiences through this job, but also I have met and formed relationships with many extraordinary people. It truly has been an amazing experience that I would not trade for anything.

So when going to college don’t let the aspect of money wear you down. There are always ways to earn a few extra bucks on campus and gain just a little more than that along the way!