Next Stop: UMU

Next Stop: UMU

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Let’s talk about that huge purple elephant in the room; getting ready to leave for college. You should be excited. Moving into this next stage of your life is going to be something that you remember for a very long time and hopefully you have a great time while you do it. As I prepare for my sophomore year at Mount Union, I was asked to do a video on what I might suggest the class of 2015 bring with them as freshman to campus. I realize that some of the things I talk about might not be applicable, but I tried to make broad enough suggestions and share some of my own tips that you will find something unique and helpful here. Be sure to watch the video and contact me if you have any questions.

Google Calendar
This is one of my favorite tools to use. I love Google Calendar because of how easy it is to quickly add anything you need to set a date to. What makes it even better is how accessible it is to people who don’t like getting on the computer, or don’t have smartphone. I originally started using Google Calendar via text message (text to GVENT) to keep track of things I got assigned in high school. It was very easy to get assignments and then quickly text them to the service, but the real value of Calendar is the alert system is sets up for you. Right now, I have it send me a text message 15 minutes before any event I add while I’m on the go. It also sends a daily schedule of my day to my email inbox at 5 a.m. each morning, as if I had a personal assistant dedicated to keeping track of the things I love to do.

As I mentioned in the video, you will want to bring a formal outfit of sorts for the various events you attend on campus. You don’t need to have a full wardrobe of ties and dress clothes, but a nice suit with jacket, for the guys, really goes a long way when making a first impression with the many faces you’ll be meeting this fall.

Along with my recommendation of bringing foam earbuds to help you get a good night sleep, I would also encourage you to get shower supplies that either can hang on a bathroom hook, where you can place your towel, or have a suction back so you can stick them to the wall of the shower. The showers at Mount Union are nice, but they aren’t the most spacious ones you’ll ever use. Being able to not worry about your things falling off of the shallow ledges is something you will appreciate as the semester goes on. Leaving for college is definitely going to be something that many of you will have a hard time adjusting to for the first couple of weeks on campus. It’s a big lifestyle change, but if you give it time, it does get easier. If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask me, or just want to know a familiar face when you come in the fall, feel free to send me an email at I check my email quite frequently, so I’ll most definitely get your message well before we move in later this month.