7 Simple Stress Busters

7 Simple Stress Busters

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Going from college to high school can seem like a big transition for some students.  The academic workload, increase of responsibility and just the aspect of being on your own for the first time in your life can come as a bit of a shock.  Many students are not prepared and putting all of the new aspects of college life together at one moment can lead to what all people have but dread: stress.

Stress is a common presence in the lives of many Americans, not just college students, and it can arise from a multitude of factors varying for each individual.  College students, however, do face high levels of stress, which can contribute to how successful a student is and their overall college experience. Learning to manage stress can be a key component to a successful college experience. The biggest problem with stress is how to deal with it.  What actions can be taken to relieve and prevent future stress? What do you do if you are stressed?  Well, here are seven simple tips to help relieve and prevent future stress.

1. Allow plenty of time. Do not get involved in too much or spread yourself too thin, as being too busy is a major source of stress.  Allot yourself enough time to complete every task that needs to be accomplished.  Decide which tasks are most important and need to be completed first.

2. Exercise. Exercising or just doing something active, whether it’s yoga, rock climbing or even karate, is a great stress buster.  Exercise improves blood flow to the brain and causes the release of chemicals called endorphins into the bloodstream, which provide feelings of happiness and an overall sense of wellbeing.

3. Get plenty of rest. Sleep is important in the management of stress meaning that getting enough sleep allows time for your mind to refocus, recharge and rebalance.  Sometimes getting in a daily nap or going to bed early one night may be all you need.

4. Talk with a friend or family member. If you are very stressed, talk to someone.  Find someone that you feel comfortable talking to and tell them what is on your mind.  Sometimes getting other peoples perspective or just getting things off your chest in general can make all the difference.

5. Get some quiet time. As in college life, alone time is hard to find. Personal space is rare for students; bathrooms and bedrooms are shared as well as the gym and even the library.  Finding time to yourself is difficult.  However, it is important to find a space where you can go and be alone to escape from the crazy world of college life.  Getting sufficient quiet time in which you can regain thoughts and just relax can work wonders on your stress levels.

6. Make room for fun. It is important to make time for activities that you enjoy doing – the activities that you do for you, for fun.  Everyone has something that they love doing and that makes them happy when doing it, whether its playing a sport, the guitar or even doing volunteer work.  Find something you love and use that as your go-to-activity when you feel stressed.

7. Keep things in perspective. College life may seem overwhelming, as there are many things that you want to do.  Although this is the case, there is only so much a person can handle and the reason why you are in college must not be, but often forgotten, is academics.  No matter what you choose to involve yourself in, the most important priority is always academics.  Nothing else will matter if you do not succeed academically.

Stress, like many things in life, is manageable and how you deal with stress holds much significance.  Following these seven simple tips will help de stress your life, allowing you to lead a more successful and fun college career.