Stop Texting and Driving!

Stop Texting and Driving!

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The video is a study that shows that texting and driving slows your reaction time more than being legally drunk, which is scary.

Driving is a privilege and a convenience that doesn’t seem hard to master. When you first learn to drive, you have to put all of your focus into it, but as you drive more and more. You begin to slack off from 10 and 3, use one hand maybe or you may think you are good enough to even text and drive. Well guess what, you aren’t that good of a driver and nobody you know is.

I have been guilty of texting and driving but every time I did it, I had the worst feeling in my gut and usually your gut feeling is right. Driving is way faster than walking, so I can definitely wait if I need to text or call someone back. I have also been a passenger of an accident before, so that definitely haunts me. It brought me to realize that a human is just a fleshy animal inside of a metal box going very fast right next to other metal boxes going very fast.

If you think you have the right to text and drive, I disagree. The road is for everyone, not just you. Is that text message really that important that you have to distract yourself from the road? I realized that the text messages I was sending were not important enough to risk my life for.

Not everyone is texting and driving, but the people that are need to stop. They are not only putting themselves at danger but everyone else on the road and pedestrians walking. If your friends are texting and driving while you’re in the car, tell them to stop. There is nothing wrong with telling your friends to stop if you feel uncomfortable.

Remember that text messages and driving are meant for your convenience. You shouldn’t have to use both of those conveniences at the same time. You are making it inconvenient when you crash.