Meet Google Chrome, a Better Web Browser

Meet Google Chrome, a Better Web Browser

If you’ve never heard of Google Chrome before, now’s the time to check it out. Surf the web faster, safer and have more fun with this Chrome. Read more

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I’m always curious what web browsers my friends are using. For our generation, the browser is where we spend most of our time when we’re on the computer. Since we use it for everything from email to Facebook, how fast it performs is something important to consider.

For most, few stray from the default Internet Explorer (Windows) and Safari (Mac). Those that have made the jump from a pre-installed browser are usually running Firefox. I’ve used all three. Safari and Firefox are good browsers – but about a year ago I switched to Google Chrome. Chrome’s speed, along with some fancy features, have cemented it as my default browser, and I haven’t looked back.

One of the best features of Chrome, is it gives you the ability to block plug-ins. This allows you to block Flash (including ads) and dramatically decreases page load time. Unfortunately, it also blocks things like YouTube videos, but a simple click will activate it again. The speed gained from using Chrome and disabling plug-ins is unreal.

When I got back to campus in the fall, I was happily surprised to see that IT installed Google Chrome on many of the computers in the labs. Chrome is a fantastic browser, and if you’re currently using Firefox or Internet Explorer as your default, you owe it to yourself to go download it for a test run. You won’t be sorry.