Bills, Books and Boxes

Bills, Books and Boxes

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As summer is coming to a close and the new school year is almost here, there are so many things that are left to be done.  I just started looking up my books that I need for the new semester and that is definitely time consuming.  My method for looking up books begins by going to our bookstore website (this is how we find out what books we need for each class).

I look at how much the price of the books are at the bookstore, and also write down the ISBN # so I’ll be able to look the books up on other sites.  Then I log onto and to look up my books and I write down the cheapest copy of the book that I can find.  Then, usually I’ll buy the cheapest one out of the three websites that I looked at.  As you can see, it is a pretty long process.

I was surprised to find out for one of my classes that I need not one, not five, but TEN books.  For one class.  I was a little bit shocked, but I emailed my teacher to make sure this was correct and she said that we will indeed be reading all ten of the books throughout the semester.

I really do love getting new books.  I’ve always been a reader so I really don’t mind buying the books if we’re going to use them.  It just upsets me when some teachers tell you on the first day that it is absolutely necessary that you have the book and then they do not reference it once throughout the semester and you sit there wondering why exactly it was so important to throw away $50-$100 on a book.

Along with the book buying process, I’m going to need to start packing sometime within these next couple weeks.  I need to figure out what I want to take with me this semester and then pack the rest of the stuff away.

I’m going on vacation next week with my boyfriend and I’m so excited to get away from all the work for a few days! :]

5 weeks until school starts! Are you ready?

Have a good one!