Soundtrack of My Life

Soundtrack of My Life

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Any and every human pretty much loves music. Everyone has at least one genre they listen to non-stop and others they can’t stand. Ever since I got a 4GB iPod, I have downloaded as much music as I could, legally. I collected numerous CDs from my brother’s collection and my parents. I had everything from the Beatles to Beethoven to My Chemical Romance to The Killers. After awhile, my iPod was too full and I had to limit my music down to 1,000 songs out of 2,000. This wasn’t okay. I simply needed more space.

After I collected all the music I could from my family, I started borrowing CDs that I liked from my friends. This added around another 500 songs. After I listened to a song or artist so much that I became sick of them, that is when I decided I needed more music than I what I already had. I finally got the idea from a friend to go to the library and rent their CDs. Every time I would go to the library, I would grab what I could fit into two hands, which was around 17-18 CDs. This consisted of artists that I’ve never heard of but had an interesting cover or it was bands I’ve heard of but didn’t have their music.

I would go to the library several times for months until I got everything I pretty much wanted. I never used to buy music until I got a job and I would buy a CD here or there online, but for Christmas or my birthday, I would always ask for iTunes gift cards. Gift cards provided me with enough money to buy even more that I couldn’t normally access.

I am still not currently satisfied with my music collection, although it is a good amount of music, about 50 GB worth of music. I got an iPod Classic, which holds about 150 GB, so I still have plenty of space until I fill it up. I’ve widened my music variety from metal to world to alternative to mainstream pop. The majority of my music though is alternative and I listen to almost everything I own. There are some artists I forget I even own and I need to delete, but nearly all of it I listen to.

I’m pretty sure if I lost my iPod or somehow broke it, I might just cry. Although I still have all my access to all of my music on my laptop, it’s the convenience of it that makes it so magical. I’m still looking for more music so let me know when you discover more music. Chances are I will like nearly anything you let me listen to.