The band dance

The band dance

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If anyone has ever been a part of a marching band, you understand what it’s like to do a band dance.

There’s always gonna be that one time in your four years in high school or college that your band director decides to put in a little movement while the drums have a really long cadence.

This year was that year for me.

At the Homecoming game this weekend, the audience will be treated to 52 counts of band boogying. It’s a pretty cute dance actually, I guess some girls in the band looked up the dance for “Shake That.”

We get to do a little lassoing, a little shaking…and a couple odd moves like jumping around and doing the Bernie. The Bernie. Such an interesting dance move, I actually found it a little difficult… But holy wow it is so much fun to do in rehearsals!

I for one have a ton of fun every time we do it. I feel bad for the tubas and drums–they’re instruments are so big and bulky that they can’t put them down in the 8 counts allotted. I’m on Homecoming court so I don’t think I get to do it this week either. But maybe, if we get enough audience applause we’ll bring it back on October 27!! Fingers crossed.

So, make sure you come to the game this weekend. Homecoming is always a good time, and there will be plenty to do. Make sure to come to the parade to watch the band march! And I highly recommend sticking around til at least the halftime show to watch the band dance!