Rain, rain, please go away!

Rain, rain, please go away!

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This weather is ridiculous. I thought it was supposed to be “April showers bring May flowers” ?? It’s been raining almost every day. Ugh … it makes it seem a little less like summer. :[

Tuesday, the one day it didn't rain this week, the boyfriend and I went to the Cleveland Zoo. I absolutely looove it there! I am such a huge fan of all animals and my favorite animals in the entire world are giraffes so I always take a ton of pictures with them. Also, the elephants are back with a whole new setup and it looks really nice. It was a beautiful day to be outside and then after that we went to Dave & Busters and played games for the rest of the night. It's so nice when I get a day off to just have some fun. :]

As I’ve been talking about in my past posts, I recently started at the Winking Lizard Tavern and went through nine days of extensive training and tests. It’s been so fun and I’ve loved the challenge of learning new things but it’s sooo awesome that my training is finally over!! I started serving on my own last night and it went great. It was Friday the 13th but thankfully nothing scary happened.  They have me scheduled a lot this upcoming week so I’m really excited! I LOVE my new job :]

A lot of college students still haven’t even taken finals yet and it’s so nice that I was able to train for two weeks already and be ready to start this job. That, as I’ve said before, is one of the many things I love about Mount Union. :]