There’s no place like theatre…

There’s no place like theatre…

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Well, we just wrapped up a performance at Rodman Theatre. Under the direction of Rudy Roggenkamp, the theatre department presented Almost, Maine. So many people love love loved the show, and I have to say. It was great.

I was stage manager, and I couldn’t have been more proud to be a part of that show. We had some incredible freshman actors, Megan Ostrofsky and Tyler Portner, who acted brilliantly. New-to-the-stage Savanna Lancaster was a hit, especially with the very last scene. And last but certainly not least, Alex Wolfe gave another hit performance. Each actor had to portray several different characters, so there was a TON of work put into this show.

The play was about 19 different people experiencing falling in or out of love. The idea was that all 8 stories happened at the same time on a Friday night under the northern lights. It was really well received by the audience—I know several people who came back to see the show again.

If you ever hear of a performance of Almost, Maine, go see it.

Of the things that happened on stage, my personal favorite was the northern lights effect. I wouldn’t be sad if that special effects machine were to get stolen and end up in my room somehow… ;)


But my favorite part of the theatre department at Mount Union is the family-like atmosphere off-stage. It’s amazing the friendships you can create within 6 weeks when everyone starts out as strangers.

There’s just something about being a part of something greater, and coming together to create a quality production. We can all be goofy, laughing college kids and snap within a second to being serious actors and crew.

Then, we all go to the director’s house and eat. Lots of food, lots of fun. It’s kind of like a big family dinner, and always a great capstone to a show.

If you’ve never been a part of a show, definitely do it at least once. And don’t think there is only one way to be involved in a play. I’ve tried out for plays here and gotten leads and small roles, and I’ve had shows where I didn’t get cast. So, I find other ways of being involved. I stage manage, and in the past I’ve helped make costumes. But there’s also crewing, making scenery, box office—whatever you can think of.

There are so many opportunities available, and so many memories to be made. Theatre: Just do it.