Where Exceptional Begins

Pump Up the Jam

Posted on October 23rd, by Sarah Heilman in Academics, Hands-on Experience. Comments Off

As a sport business major, opportunities to network with professionals and executives in the industry are thrown at you. Taking advantage of these chances is up to you. One such opportunity I took advantage of allowed me to attend the …

Mount Union Through Our Eyes

Posted on October 9th, by Ashley Sams in Uncategorized. Comments Off

Would YOU like to takeover the UMU Instagram account?!

As a marketing student with a passion for social media, it is with great pleasure that I announce Mount Union’s second Instagram account – @LifeofaRaider! I have long thought about a …

Be a Citizen Scientist

Posted on September 24th, by Adam Zorn in Nature Center. Comments Off

Citizen science is scientific research conducted with contributions by amateur or nonprofessional scientists (aka the general public). Many large-scale data collection projects would not be possible without the voluntary contributions of citizen scientists. Some of the most well-known citizen science …