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Wildflowers Emerge at UMU Nature Center

Posted on April 14th, by Adam Zorn in Nature Center. Comments Off
Hepatica blooms at the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center

Hepatica blooms at the Huston-Brumbaugh Nature Center

Despite the lengthy spell of winter weather through the end of March this year, the area’s spring wildflowers are beginning to rise from the soil and open their blossoms. Cultivated flowers such as …

A Sneak Peak into the World of Advanced Public Relations

Posted on February 17th, by Jaime Eyssen in Academics, Classes, Hands-on Experience, Professors. Comments Off

The Advanced Public Relations course offered at Mount Union is a great class that helps students to understand what makes up the world of public relations. Advanced PR provides you with one of the most valuable lessons in college - …

Tim Bagnola: Future Walt Disney Imagineer

Posted on January 7th, by Tim Bagnola in Academics, Career Path. Comments Off

I know what some of my readers are thinking: “why the heck did this guy write that he loves Disney? I mean, drums are awesome, and I LOVE comedies, but what the heck is this Disney thing about?” Well friends, …