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How did I end up Here…15 Minutes From Home?

Posted on May 14th, by Lauren Reihl in Value. No Comments

I never planned to attend Mount.

For 13 years, I rode past Mount Union’s campus four days a week as my parents drove me into Alliance for gymnastics practice. Every time I was in the car with him, my dad would say “I went to school there.” He said it to the point that it became annoying. I was NEVER going to go to Mount Union. It was so close to home and I did not want to go to school anywhere near home.

Somewhere along the line, I decided to apply – I mean why not? It was quick, easy and free to apply on Mount Union’s website. Not long after, I got an acceptance letter. But I also received an acceptance letter from my first choice university, along with pamphlets upon pamphlets of information from the school. When I received my financial aid awards, Mount Union and my other school choice ended up with almost the same exact price tag. Well there’s that.

So I, an incredibly indecisive 17-year-old, was trying to make a decision that would determine the next four years of my life. No pressure. It was less than a month until the confirmation deadline and I had narrowed it down to two schools. One of them 15 minutes from home, the other five hours from home.

I really wanted to go to the other school, but Mount Union started to pull me in more and more each day. I was an undecided major, so it wasn’t like I could choose the school with the better academic program for a given field of study. But everything about campus was beautiful. I liked the idea of a small campus and individual attention. Then I realized that the only reason why I didn’t want to pick Mount was because I would be close to home. The light bulb went on.

“Dad, I want to go to Mount Union, but only if I can stay on campus.”

Then it was settled. I became a Purple Raider and I have never felt regret for my decision. Not only this, but I love it more and more each day.

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