Nickalie…Gone but not forgotten.

Nickalie…Gone but not forgotten.

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My apologies for being away this week. Monday morning I was informed of some very heart breaking news about a dear friend of mine. Nickalie “Spidey” Williams passed away far too soon.

As a former student of Mount, Nick touched many souls. His free and unique spirit placed him into a category of his own. There were never any sad moments when one was in his presence.

I’m sure many people have countless stories that can be shared about Nick. My own would include our random dancing together. No matter the location or situation, he kept every moment bright.

He will truly be missed…

Until we meet again … Rest in peace to our brother, Nickalie Williams.

The Life of an Ohio Sports Fan

The Life of an Ohio Sports Fan

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Last night was a tough loss for all of Buckeye nation. It still seems surreal for me that the Buckeyes were unable to pull off the victory, and for some reason, I still believe they have a chance to win it all. I felt for sure this was the time Ohio sport fans were finally going to be able to celebrate and rejoice in a championship.  The only time in my life that a team I am a passionate about has won a championship was the Buckeyes’ football national championship in 2002. After 2002, it has been all heartbreaking losses from the OSU football team’s back-to-back losses the National Championship to the OSU basketball team’s loss to Joakim Noah and the Florida Gators. On a professional level, 2007 was also a tough year for Cleveland sport fans, between the Cavaliers losing to the Spurs and the Indians unable to clinch the American League pennant after being up 3-1 in the series. I attended both the first home game of the ALDS and the ALCS that year and had plans in place for tickets to the World Series. Despite all my disappointments, I’m still a diehard sports fan, especially of Mount Union.

One of the many perks of being a Mount Union student is that tough losses are difficult to come by, especially in football. One reason Mount Union football is so successful is because they look at every day as a day to get better.  There is nothing like football here at Mount Union. Just attending the school makes you feel invested in the program, and all of the students take pride in the Mount Union football team. We especially enjoy bragging to all our friends who went to other OAC schools about our football team.

It is always a cool experience to see Mount Union mentioned on SportsCenter,, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption or during an Indianapolis Colts game during the NFL season.  When Colts wide receiver and Mount alumnus Pierre Garcon burst onto the scene during the Colts Super Bowl run, Mount Union gained national attention. And, where did Garcon go just three days after the Super Bowl?  That’s right, Mount Union. Garcon finished up his degree from his alma mater and could be seen around campus anywhere from an intramural sports game to in the WRMU radio station broadcasting live.  He even came back from visiting Haiti to walk at graduation.

This year my dorm room window oversaw the football team’s practice field and I got to witness first hand why Mount Union football is so successful.  This year was especially exciting getting to watch Cecil Shorts, Mel Kiper’s fifth ranked wide receiver in this year’s draft perform in practice and during the games.  All future Purple Raiders: be sure follow Cecil Shorts on Twitter (@CShorts10) for first hand insight on the draft and to tune into ESPN for the NFL draft beginning April 28 to watch another Purple Raider get drafted. Check out the YouTube video of Shorts being interviewed at the NFL Combine.

-Zach McMurray

“Good is the Enemy of Great”

The end

The end

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Not really for me, but maybe for others. The spring semester is coming to an end and many students are preparing to change, whether it is transferring to another school, graduating from Mount Union or just moving on to new classes. As for me, I am preparing to go into my second year as a music education major, and I am excited and very nervous.

Going back to the topic of this year … As the semester comes to a close and finals start to roll around and everyone starts to make sure that all of their grades are great (as all Mount Union students have), the stress starts to kick in. For me, it is a very big deal that my grades are great and that all of my finals go very well. Being in music, it is important that we pass our finals. If any student struggles in finals it doesn’t look very good when it is time for sophomore evaluations (which decide whether or not the students can continue in the major).So, all I am trying to say is enjoy the rest of the year. If you are a senior getting ready to graduate, good luck in the world. And, if you are thinking about coming to Mount Union, don’t let the thought of finals and stress scare you. Good luck to everyone else continuing at Mount Union and at other schools as well.

Spring sports

Spring sports

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Spring is here. The weather has taken a turn for the best, and students have started to leave there dorms in their best summer clothes. Also, with spring comes sports. As I sit here, a few friends of mine are playing ultimate frisbee outside of HP (Hoiles-Peterson Residence Hall), a game that combines frisbee and football. This game is also offered as a fall intramural sport, but they enjoy it the most with just a small group.

The spring weather has also brought other students out to play soccer, volleyball, baseball and my favorite … a toss and catch volleyball game that my friends and I have come to call Nuk’em.

I hope that if there is anyone out there that has not participated in a spring sport yet, that he or she get out there and enjoy the beautiful weather before the terrible Ohio winter returns!

How many days until Opening Day?

How many days until Opening Day?

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Second semester is almost over — can you believe it? I know I mentioned in one of my previous blogs how shocked I was that it was already spring break… pfft, spring break already feels like forever ago. Since then, I celebrated my 21st birthday, St. Patrick’s Day and a bunch of other fun stuff in between.

As if this beautiful spring weather isn’t getting me excited already for summer, imagine going down to Progressive Field and enjoying it up close and personal.I’ve mentioned to you before how I am a huge Indians fan and how I even interned with the organization last summer. Well, what I didn’t tell you is how long  I’ve been involved with the Tribe.A few years ago I started working at Southpark Mall at the Cleveland Indians Team Shop where I sold merchandise as well as single game tickets. Now, working in retail really wasn’t my thing, but I met some great people which really opened doors for me. So, as you know, I scored myself an awesome internship last summer and I didn’t want my experience to end there. My supervisor last summer told me to try to get in as many doors as possible down at Progressive — I had already worked in merchandise and creative services, what was next?I signed up to take a class here at Mount (the one I told you in my last blog about the sponsorship proposal) and one of our side projects is to be a part of the ticket sales team! We were able to skip a day of classes and head to downtown Cleveland to visit the ballpark and get some inside training on how to be a “Grade A” ticket salesperson. Now, during this whole semester, we’re working with the Tribe’s sales team and trying to sell tickets for this season!So, now I have stepped into three doors with the Indians… but guess what… it doesn’t stop there.Last fall I applied to be in the Fun Bunch — those awesome people who run around at games promoting the team. As my luck had it, I scored a position with the team and got to work at Snow Days (haven’t heard of it? google it!) over Christmas break and had a blast. We also had the opportunity to work several outside events including the mall tour the team went on. I loved it!Once the season starts (April 1), I will be able to start working games. Let’s just say this summer is going to be awesome. I actually went down today for day one of my training (that’s what I was talking about earlier — up close and personal!) The smell of spring just reminds me of baseball season and I cannot wait to spend my summer nights at the ballpark!-samantha

Oh, it’s Monday

Oh, it’s Monday

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Happy Monday!

You can always tell when it’s Monday at school…  Everyone just seems tired.  It was 68 degrees out today though so I think that brought everyone’s mood up just a little :]  I feel like the weekends always go by way too fast! Ugh.  This week seems like it’s a busy one for everyone.  There are a lot of tests, quizzes and projects happening right now.  It’s fun though – I really do like staying busy, so I don’t mind the work. Just hope I can get some sleep this week!

Tonight, I have three meetings in a row starting at 7 p.m. First is Studio M, which is the television station on campus.  I’ve been involved with the station since I came to Mount three years ago.  It’s really cool being able to know what goes into a television show and how exactly to work all of the equipment.  During the meetings, we usually talk about what is going on, what needs to be filmed and if anyone has any new ideas for TV shows.  There is a sports guy, Billy, who has a couple shows where he interviews coaches and players on the Mount Union athletic teams.

At 7:30 p.m. is the Dynamo editor meeting, which is when all of the editors for the newspaper get together to discuss story ideas and what we’d like to see in the paper for the following week.  This requires us to know what exactly is going on around campus but also to be looking for interview subjects and events to cover.

Then at 8 p.m., the entire Dynamo staff arrives for a meeting.  This meeting is where the editors, writers and photographers get together to collaborate and assign story ideas.  Writers can choose to write about any story that interests them and they are always encouraged to speak up with their own story ideas as well.

I think that’s what I love so much about the media outlets here at Mount Union.  I love being involved and I especially love being a part of the leadership teams, but it is so exciting because we can really take them wherever we’d like to.  If there’s something you’re mad, sad or happy about, write a commentary article for the Dynamo! Have something you’re interested in?  Interview someone or cover an event, and you can use the interview for the newspaper or radio station.

Last year, two of my friends and I had an idea for a television show at Studio M, so we were told to go ahead with it and we ran it a few times.  Our show was called “For Your Entertainment,” and basically the three of us found entertainment news stories that interested us and we discussed them.  It was really fun and I think you can learn a lot about yourself when you see yourself on television.  It helps you to know certain things you do with your hands while you’re talking or maybe it will teach you that you should smile more :]

Everything we do here is always a learning experience … but it is also fun and it is completely up to each individual to make it their own.  Have a great week!


Good Food, Good Weather

Good Food, Good Weather

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The first week back from any vacation can hit students hard, no matter where they go or what they’re coming back to. And, with this sudden splash back to reality, the only thing that can fill the void of vacation is food. That is why I am thankful for our buffet-style cafeteria; all week they were serving great food including some Irish classics to celebrate Saint Paddy’s day. Thursday for dinner they had a great corned beef and cabbage, however Friday was the high point for me as they served stuffed banana peppers, which were really delicious.

Today is Sunday, which marks the first day of spring, and last night’s moon symbolized the specialness of the season with the ‘Supermoon.’ The moon was as close as it has been to Earth in 18 years. At moon rise, it was shaded blood red, and by the time it had peaked it had turned into a great shade of silver. Sunday continued to be a beautiful day as I spent the afternoon in the country of Alliance and appreciated the beautiful nature around me.

This Thursday, Mount Union will be hosting world-renowned astrophysicist, Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, who will present 10 Things You Should Know About The Universe. Mount Union is a small school of 2,000 plus students, but they always manage to get extremely impressive speakers, which rival even some of the largest and most prestigious schools around.

In two weeks – Saturday, April 2 – Mount Union will host the OAC Gold Meet. It looks to be a great spring Saturday morning, so people should try and come out to at least enjoy the weather. And if not for that, but to watch some of the nation’s best athletes!



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As I have mentioned in my previous blog posts, I am a music major. I love music and it is my life. The one thing that many people don’t know about music majors is our schedules. A music major has classes all day and they aren’t just classes that start at noon.  Actually, most classes have started before or by 10 in the morning. Another part to our schedule is recitals. We are required to attend and participate in a certain number of recitals every semester or our grades for lessons will go down. Being a freshman, I just completed my first recital performance and let me just say I was very nervous, but I played my bassoon piece well.

Even though our days start pretty early, that doesn’t mean we don’t go to bed early. In fact, many of the classes we take require practicing parts. Basic Musicianship is a class taken all through freshman and sophomore year and it requires a lot of practice. The class helps music students learn what they will need to be teaching or using in music.

If anyone ever has the chance, come over to Cope and hear some wonderful music. There are always recitals going on and there are many amazing musicians in this building!

And so the madness begins

And so the madness begins

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Well it’s the time again … March Madness … A time when students everywhere are talking about who they think the next champion of the NCAA 2011 Tournament will be! Well, I filled my bracket out just the other day and entered into one poll, having high hopes that NC will take away the victory this year as the champion! It’s interesting how much goes into filling these brackets out. Last year, I did one just for fun and based it solely on which teams uniforms I liked more…great theory I know.

Well … it just so happened that picking Duke as the champion helped me to place 3rd in the pole I entered, and I received a grand total of $20! Yes I know $20 is not a lot, but to college students, every bit counts. I was thrilled to be $20 richer from the madness! I can only hope that the luck of the Irish will stay with me and I can come away with just as much luck … if not more this year as March Madness continues!

My Schedule

My Schedule

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The time of the semester when scheduling takes places is filled with meeting with friends, advisors and planning your future semester – all the way from figuring out what classes you need to take for your major to what time you want to wake up in the morning. And, when you’re getting ready to schedule your academic classes, the best plan is to have a plan. The first time you meet with your advisor you should create a plan for at least the next few semesters.  Here are the classes I have already taken as well as the classes I will be taking in the fall of my junior year.

1st Semester Freshman Year

Intro to Art (3)

Intro to Information Management (3)

College Writing (3)

Intro to Environmental Science (3)

Freshmen Seminar- Apocalyptic Expectations (3)

Religion & Human Experience (3)

2nd Semester Freshman Year

College Life Options (1)

Management Principles (3)

Public Speaking (3)

Quantitative Methods I (3)

Wellness (2)

History & Philosophy of Sport (3)

Elementary Spanish II (3)

1st Semester Sophomore Year

Elementary Accounting I (3)

Marketing Principles (3)

Evaluating College Life & Options (1)

Life/Career Plans (1)

Intro to Microeconomics (3)

Elementary Statistics with Business Lab (4)

Sport Program Management (3)

2nd Semester Sophomore Year

Elementary Accounting II (3)

Quantitative Methods II (3)

Intro to Macroeconomics (3)

Business & Technical Writing (3)

Sport Public Relations (3)

Sport Area & Facility Management (3)

1st Semester Junior Year

Federal Income Tax (3)

Intermediate Accounting II (3)

Managerial Cost Accounting (3)

Business Law I (3)

Legal Issues in Sport (3)

Careers in Sport Business (1)

Direct Experience:  Sport Recreation (1)

(number of credits)