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What is Transgender Communication and Why Did I Co-Edit a Book About It?

Laverne Cox. Chaz Bono. Caitlyn Jenner. Chelsea Manning.
Unique on Glee. Maura on Transparent. Cole on The Fosters.

These are just a few of the names of transgender people from news headlines and trans characters from popular television …

A Chat with April Mason

Name: April Mason, PhD
Major: Biology
Graduation Year: 1977
Original Hometown: Akron, Ohio
Where Living now: Manhattan, Kansas
Job Title/Employer: Provost and Senior Vice President of Kansas State University

Professional Life
When I graduated from Mount, I got a master’s …

Sticking to your Guns: The Out-of-Control Gun Culture in the U.S.

by Rebecca Cooper ’18, double-majoring in math and accounting

In 2015, 13,286 people were killed by firearms. There were 372 mass shootings, with 475 people dead, 1,870 wounded. There were 64 school shootings. 60% of all homicides in the United …

Again with the emails…

by Ethan McComb (Political Science)

We are less than a week out from the election and yet we have another email “crisis” on our hands. An FBI investigation into former Congressman Anthony Weiner for sexually propositioning a minor has uncovered …

What is entrepreneurship, really?

By: John Myers, Entrepreneur-in-Residence at the University of Mount Union

At its core entrepreneurship is seeing, identifying, defining, and solving a problem. That’s it. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?

When you step back and take a look at some …

10 Things NOT to Do on Your First Day of College

So, you got in, you accepted the offer, you went to Target with your mom and bought the shower caddy, the desk organizer, the fresh sheets, maybe even a new pair of jeans or two. You’re moved in, you have …

Who’s Fatter and More Unhealthy?

Posted on July 6th, by Ron Mendel in Classes, Professors, Study Abroad. No Comments

Hi, all! I am writing my first blog post while teaching abroad at the University College Cork (UCC) in Cork, Ireland with a five-week summer USAC program. I have taken a course entitled “The Culture, Cost and Politics of

Not All Criminal Justice Majors Want to Be Police Officers

Posted on May 9th, by University of Mount Union Students in Career Path, Classes, Hands-on Experience, Internships. Comments Off on Not All Criminal Justice Majors Want to Be Police Officers

By: Alexis Gram ’16

My junior year of high school, I attended a CSI Camp at Waynesburg University in Pennsylvania, and from that moment forward I knew I wanted to work within the criminal justice system. I have always had …

Why AMA is Not Just for Marketing Majors

Posted on March 30th, by Adam Infantino in Academics, Career Path, Classes, Hands-on Experience, Involvement, Return on Investment, Student Organizations, Value. Comments Off on Why AMA is Not Just for Marketing Majors


Every year around the time of St. Patrick’s Day, the national organization American Marketing Association puts on a large conference in New Orleans. It is held at the Sheraton Hotel on Canal Street, which is about a hundred feet away …

Leading Through the Wilderness

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By Laura Klingler ’03

I have the unique privilege of remaining connected to Mount Union in a very special way. I’ve been an alumni leader for the Mount Union Wilderness Experience every summer since 2008. This experience has allowed me …