Yes, This Is A Post About The Weather

Anyone reading this post right now shouldn’t be. Go outside. Alliance is currently experiencing amazing, summer-esque like weather with temperatures in the 60s. Although spring break may be over, it is nice to see that summer isn’t going to remain in hiding for too much longer.

Another thing you may have noticed is how much more alive people seem when the weather is nice outside. Doors were being held opened left and right, multiple professors finished up their lectures early and everyone has a smile on their face! Such behavior starts a ripple effect and, before you know it, no one on campus has a care in the world.

Realistically, this weather won’t last long (see weather app to the right), but at least we have these few days. Homework is always going to be there with open arms, but elusive sunshine-filled days like today will not. So stop reading already. Go outside.

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