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As I’ve mentioned before, WRMU is one of my biggest priorities here on campus. When you first think of a campus radio station, you might just picture a DJ going on air and playing music. Sure, that is somewhat correct, but here at Mount, our radio station is so much more.

Freshman year I stared out volunteering as a part of the WRMU staff. I knew I wanted to get into public relations so I spent time helping the station’s public relations director. As soon as it was time to apply for a director position, I had my application filled out and turned in. Unfortunately, a qualified senior had already taken the public relations director spot, so I was placed as the sponsorship director for my sophomore year. My job was to work with community business and try to, well, get sponsors for our radio station.

Finally, this year, I was able to move up and serve as WRMU’s public relations director. I spend my time promoting the station through fliers, clothing, social media and more.

Above all that, one of my favorite things we do as a station –  and something that I help out with a lot – is our events. Last year, we held (what we hope to continue annually) a meet-n-greet for our late night radio shows, and we had one this year too! A lot goes into planning these events. We find sponsors, get prizes, have raffles, design t-shirts – and the list goes on and on. Each of our events have been a success in our eyes.

This semester, however, we are trying something new. We are holding the first ever “UMUPALOOZA!” It has been an idea we’ve been poking at since last spring and we finally took action and are going through with it. We’re having student musicians play all day in the quad (some bands and some solo acts). We’ll be having pizza from our usual (and favorite) sponsor, Gionino’s Pizzeria and we’ll have games, food and more.

(No, this is not a plug for the event — buuuuut, if you wanna come, it is Thursday, April 14 in the Quad from 4-9 ish. — see what I did there?)

I really admire how a small group of students can put together such a large and exciting event. We all dedicate so much time to planning and throwing these events for the campus community.

Not only is the whole process a great time, we learn so much about event planning in general. From promoting to setting up, finding talent and getting sponsors, everyone has to lend a helping hand.

All of the hard work we all put in to the station has led us all to grow extremely close. WRMU has weekly director meetings and staff meetings every other week. We volunteer in the community, have director dinners, attend other campus happenings, DJ other organization’s events and so, so much more.

I am or have been involved in many other organizations on campus, but the bond WRMU members have with one another is one of the best.


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