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I’ve had a few people come up to me and say that they’ve really enjoyed the app recommendations from my last couple posts, so I’ve decided that one of my posts per week will feature a new app and how I’m using it to make college more fun, manageable or social.

Today, we’re going to depart from the game apps and take a look at a productivity app for all you note takers out there. Now, I know that most phones come with a built in notes application, but the one I’m about to show you has some great advantages over the competition for always having your notes available.


With these last few weeks of school being increasingly important, it can help to have a “catch all” system for your ideas. Simplenote¬†(link here) is an extremely simple way to sync your notes between your phone and the web. Along with having a web interface to access all your notes on the computer, it also has apps available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and WebOS. If using the computer is more of your style, it also has Windows and Mac applications to keep you in sync.

The beauty of Simplenote is how simple it is (no pun intended). You create a new note, write down some things you want to remember or keep track of and you’re done. All changes are sent to your account on their website and transferred to any of the applications you use.

I personally use Simplenote as a way to quickly grab ideas I have while I’m on the go, but may not be able to act on at that moment. For example, if I’m out and suddenly remember I need to email someone when I get back to my dorm, I throw it in a list called TODO and forget about it. Later, when I’ve gotten back to my dorm, I open up my TODO list and there are all the items I added, but didn’t have to remember.

The other ways in which you can use Simplenote are endless. For me, Simplenote has had a spot on my first page of apps since I first downloaded it. Being able to throw all my ideas in a note and then forget about them has been amazing and low stress. Never forget another thing on the go again.

Go check out Simplenote and its free apps (although there is a paid version to remove ads at the top of your lists) and give it a couple days of use to get accustomed to this new “write down and forget” system. I’m sure you’re going to like it.


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