Wilderness Trip

About a month ago I went to a meeting for Mount Union’s Wilderness Trip where students go to the mountains for 10 days. I was really interested in this because I go camping every year so I am used to being outdoors and I also enjoy hiking! I thought it would be an awesome experience to try. At the meeting they gave a lot of information, some of which I was surprised to hear. While on the trip besides doing hiking you also help the rangers with service projects, which was really appealing to me. I have been on three mission trips building houses so I know I could handle whatever they needed help with! The hiking was pretty extensive though. I do not remember how much exactly but I was surprised when they said it. I do not think I would have a problem with it because I run a 5k in a decent time and enjoy walking but it would probably be a challenge for some people. Someone asked about wild animals, which elicited a chuckle from the group leaders. Of course animals are present but they have not encountered any. The biggest problem I saw with the trip was having to carry a giant pack on my back. I have had serious back problems in the past and can only handle carrying a backpack for so long before I get bad shoulder and back pain. I was still interested in applying though. Yes it is an application process because so many people are interested in going on the trip and they can only take 21 I believe. After talking to my parents we discussed that this year I could not go because of financials and our family vacation. My sisters swim all summer so we have to wait to go on vacation until after the second week in August when they are finally finished. The trip is affordable- about $400, but after joining a sorority I spent more this year then expected. If you enjoy outdoors, hiking or anything else of the sort you should definitely attend the meeting they have the previous spring about going! It seems like a great trip and I have heard nothing but good things from friends I know who have gone on the trip.

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