Wilderness Experience

This picture is of my friend Stephen (Paul) while we were camping. I only brought my phone with me to take pictures and to let my mom know I was OK.

I recently applied and was accepted to go on the Wilderness Experience. I remember reading Zak’s blog about his wilderness experience and it only encouraged me more to apply for it this year.

I’ve only gone hiking/camping once in my life and that was this past summer with my friend in Allegheny Park. We hiked about 20+ miles in two in a half days, but this experience is tiny compared to the one I’ve signed myself up for. This trip is 10 days long and with about 20 other people as well. There also is a portion of the trip where we supposedly go rock climbing, split into 3 smaller groups and spend a day on our own.

After hiking only one time, I loved it. The reality of being completely alone for miles is a feeling I’m not used to since I’ve always been able to spit on my neighbor’s house from my house if I wanted.  Sure, sleeping at night was a little scary, especially when raccoons were stealing my food, but there was no harm done. I like going back in time, without actually going back in time. Oh, the simple days of water, shelter and food.

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