Who’s that New Girl?

Hello everyone! My name is Alyssa Greenwell.  I am so glad that you decided to read my blog as I think that overtime it will provide you with a pretty good picture of what it is like here at the wonderful place called Mount Union.  But first, I think I should tell you a little bit about myself, so you can hopefully come to understand my love for Mount and true pride of being a Purple Raider.

I am from Canton, which is pretty much Alliance’s neighbor as Canton is only about 20 minutes away.  I graduated from GlenOak High School at the top of my class, taking part in varsity volleyball as well as many extracurricular activities.  I have one younger brother who is a senior this year and is currently in the process of making one of the most difficult decisions in the early years of life – where to go to college.  Like him, many of you reading this blog, are facing that choice as well.  I only hope this blog will play a role in your decision.  In my spare time I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being active, watching movies, reading and volunteering.

Getting involved and helping others has been two major standards in my life.  I enjoy taking part in all sorts of volunteer activities, helping out whenever needed and giving back to the community in any way possible.  I believe that kindness and a helping hand are two of the greatest gifts you can give to another.  I love to know that I am making a difference.

Here at Mount Union, I am currently a sophomore majoring in biochemistry with a minor in cognitive and behavioral neuroscience.  Since stepping foot on campus, I have involved myself in many different clubs and organizations on campus including Delta Sigma Tau sorority, Alpha Phi Omega (co-ed service fraternity), American Chemical Society, Sophomore Service Honorary, Alpha Lambda Delta, student worker in the Office of the President and I most recently joined the Relay for Life executive committee. I am sure there will be many blogs to come about the organizations I am involved in!

I have met many new people here on campus as well as developed good relationships with faculty and staff members.  In my opinion, Mount Union is the best place to spend your college experience.  I truly love it here, as you will see in my future blogs, so stay tuned for more!  I only hope you will continue to read as I will be writing on a variety of topics which I am sure will catch your interest.

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