Where is the time going?!

Holy heatwave. This weather is a little ridiculous. It used to be such a treat to work outside at the restaurant but now I dread it! I was scheduled to work on the patio on Monday and I was expecting a very slow night out there. I went in at 4:30 p.m., and at 5:45 p.m., I still had no tables so my manager told me it was fine if I went home. I didn’t really mind it though because I just went home and my sister and I ran a bunch of errands and went to work out! I would have preferred that anyway instead of standing in the heat for no reason :]

This past Sunday was the Johnnycake Jog 5-mile run in Mentor. In my last post I wrote that I was pretty nervous for that because it was my first race of the year. I went out that morning with a personal goal in mind. I really just wanted to make sure my time was under an hour and I would’ve loved to beat my time from the previous year as well. It was really hot Sunday morning but the humidity wasn’t too bad, and I also had a wonderful surprise waiting for me at the finish line. My boyfriend, who lives an hour away, decided to surprise me and wait at the finish line to see me when I got done with the race. My time this year for the race ended up being 48 minutes, which was five minutes less than my time last year! :]

I was really happy to have completed the race and also cut some time off my record. My sister and my dad were there too to cheer my mom and I on during the race, so after we were done, we all went to lunch together. I always get nervous right before the race but after I’m always excited to do it again next year!

On another note, I cannot believe that July is almost over and we have just about one month left of summer. Where did the time go?! There’s still so much I’d like to do this summer so it’s going to be a packed next couple of weeks. I really wanted to visit the beach a few more times this summer, but not while it’s still this hot outside!!

Hope everyone is keeping cool in their air conditioning. :] Have a good week!


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