Where is the rewind button?

So this weather is at least making an attempt to change for the better. Mother Nature, we can’t be mad at you for that. Just remember, April showers bring May flowers… Well, with the way this April is going (I heard on the radio that 19/27 days this month have had rain), we better be seeing some beautiful flowers – especially on our campus! I love nothing more than walking to class and seeing all of the purple tulips blooming with all of the trees. Lately, I’ve been spotting a couple of daffodils here and there sprouting up. Spring has finally arrived – just in time for summer vacation! :]

So with the sun shining (trying to, at least) it makes me realize — oh my gosh, it is summer break. Where is the rewind button?

So I know I’ve mentioned this in my last post, but seriously, can you believe it? I sure can’t. It is always the end of the year when you realize how bad you don’t want to leave.

A few weeks back, I was stressed about school and excited about summer … I started the countdown to break. Now, I would do anything to rewind.

Now it is finals week, which means studying and taking many, many study breaks to hang out with your friends.  Today, three of my house mates and I spent our study break on our front porch waiting for the storm to roll in (April showers). I realized that in one week from today I won’t be able to just go hang out on my front porch with my best friends; they will all be miles away. #sadness

I realize that this year I made some of the best friends I’ll ever had. Sure, problems may arise, but ya know, you learn to get over everything. That is what growing up is all about.

Next year we’re going to live in the new townhouses because we weren’t really fans of living off-campus… but ya know what? I wouldn’t trade this opportunity for the world. We all grew up so much in the past several months and it has been a blast.

I see my boyfriend and all of his friends getting ready for graduation and preparing to make their next steps in life. I am getting so unbelievably sad that they won’t be here next year, but I am so excited for their futures to begin.

Sorry that this was a rather emotional post, but I guess that’s what happens when the end comes and ya get all sad and mushy :P



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