Viva Las Vegas!

As promised, this post will sum up my recent trip to Vegas with my mom! We had a blast! Vegas was nothing like I had imagined; the city was so overwhelming with people everywhere, flashing lights and so, so much more.

We spent a great deal of time taking advantage of all of the fabulous shops that Vegas has to offer — that was our favorite part! We also spent time laying out by the pool. We stayed at the Paris hotel and the mock Eiffel Tower was right above us while we laid out in the sun. The food there came in a close second when it came to my favorites about the trip — all you can eat crab legs? Yes, please!

The Billboard Music Awards were being filmed the weekend we were there, so we were definitely on the lookout for stars… unfortunately we didn’t see any in person. However, we knew they were everywhere! Singer Nicki Minaj performed in a bar in our hotel on our last night there!

Speaking of famous people… We went to see a stand-up comedy show put on by Tim Allen! I love Tim Allen, always have. Imagine my excitement when we found out he was performing while we were there. He was absolutely hilarious! Nothing like “Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor,” though… but still good!

My mom had always talked about taking me to Vegas when I finally turned 21; I just can’t believe it came so quick! We waited until school was out for the summer to make our trip; definitely a great way to end the school year and start the summer! The Indians are still on a roll! They just swept the Reds! This week holds the home-stand against the Boston Red Sox and I am extremely excited to be a part of that! As I’ve mentioned before, this job is amazing! I can’t wait to keep you updated on the rest of the season!



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