Valentine’s Day

It’s that special time of year again! The time when girls get sweet chocolates and pretty flowers as a testimony of their significant others love. Personally I like giving my friends and family valentines. Every year my family has a special dinner and we share valentines with eachother. This year I have a bag of Hershey’s Kisses waiting to be distributed accordingly with valentines to my friends! I was so worried earlier this week for how I could possibly get the materials needed to make everyone valentines. Thankfully the Raider Guides are putting on an event tomorrow evening in the lobby for people who want to make cards for someone! DST is also having some sort of fundraiser selling valentines for a few dollars! I never have cash on me though so I probably won’t end up participating this year but I will save up my change this summer for next year!

I’m sure the movie theatre is going to be very busy Thursday. Especially since the amazing Nicholas Sparks movie is coming out! If I had a date that’s where I would want to be taken. My roommate and I were interested in going to see it too but neither of us have a car. There are tons of great places to eat around here so that makes finding a place for you and your date to go easier! If you really want to treat them take them to Texas Roadhouse!

As for me I’ll probably be doing homework and get ice cream at late night as a sweet snack. Lucky for anyone who is my valentine in the upcoming years-I dont like chocolate!

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