Tying up the loose ends

I just got off the phone with the registrar at Mount Union because I got an e-mail yesterday about my classes.  It said in the e-mail that I am missing one English class to fulfill my minor. EEK.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m graduating early so I will be done in December and I wanted to get this schedule figured out ASAP so I will definitely be able to graduate when I want to.  :]

I picked up another English class so that minor will be complete, dropped one class that I changed my mind about and picked up two more one-credit courses.  I am good to go for next semester!

That’s another one of the many things that I love about Mount.  The faculty is soo nice.  I mean, I haven’t talked to many other registrars at other schools but ours is very personable and wants students to be able to achieve whatever they want to.  The teachers are also super nice and personable; that is just one of the perks to going to a smaller school. The teachers are able to dedicate more time to their students because they have less of them.  Even the deans at our school and the president are constantly around and available to chat with.  I’m sure some students at big schools have never even seen their president and deans!

Right before that phone call, I was on the phone with the Columbia Gas company trying to change the gas bill over from my name since I’m not living in that house at school anymore.  Next year I will be living in the new apartments on Union Ave. that are still being built and I am sooo excited! However, when you move out of a house, it is important to make sure to get your name off of the bills or else you will have to keep paying for them.  :[

I feel like all of my friends are on vacation right now. Everyone just seemed to leave at the same time and I’m stuck here working!  It’s okay though because I work tonight and the next three days but then I’m off for three days and I have a mini-vacation planned.  I will write about that next week I’m sure :)

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves this summer so far!  I see good weather coming about in our near future… fingers crossed!!


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