Twitter vs. Facebook

One of my first peer pressures of college was to create a Twitter account. It was about the third week of school and I got tired of all my friends complaining about me not having a Twitter and egging me on to finally create one. Before I came to college I was completely against it, although I didn’t exactly know how it worked. I knew that you followed people instead of mutually being friends, which I didn’t really like, and that people just posted what they were doing pretty much every second. I just didn’t see the need for one. Instead, I was more than content on Facebook. The first few days on Twitter were rough because I was completely confused as to what was going on. All I knew how to do was tweet. I tried finding people, but it wasn’t as easy as loading in my Facebook friends. I had to search for everyone! I wasted A LOT of time with it the first few days I had it. After a couple of weeks, I pretty much knew what I was doing. My roommate had one, even though she barely used it, and she was able to help me out most times when I needed it. I definitely liked using Twitter on my iPod (no I am not team iPhone, but I am about to be team Samsung Galaxy on Black Friday) rather than on the computer, which is the opposite of Facebook. Now that I have had one for about two months, I see some definite differences, both good and bad, in each social media channel.

Good about Facebook: You can share more photos easier, which is a huge plus for me because I take TONS and tons of pictures! I love capturing as many moments of my life as possible. Facebook is better for instant messaging people. I don’t think I have ever direct messaged anyone on Twitter. You can also put if you are in a relationship and share more about yourself on Facebook. You can also show a little bit about your personality by liking different pages for movies, books, etc. Facebook also lets you share a lot more about yourself, such as the places you visit, where you go to school, etc.

That leads us to the bad about Facebook: I think it’s too personal. People can find out where you work, places you have visited recently, where you live, where you go to school, your birthday, pretty much YOUR WHOLE LIFE. I think this can be problematic, especially for younger teens who are not properly informed about how to protect themselves online from predators. Even with relatively good security that hides your profile from outsiders, not everyone takes advantage of this or knows how to set it up.

Good about Twitter: It’s very casual. It shows your name and a small blurb about yourself and that’s it. You choose what you put and don’t have to feel pressured to add details such as where you live. It also doesn’t add the location of your last tweet, like Facebook status’ do, unless you want it to. One time I turned location services on Facebook and I can’t turn it off now on my iPod. Twitter also lets you say what’s on your mind. On Facebook it’s not as socially acceptable to post 10 statuses in 20 minutes, but on Twitter it is acceptable to tweet 20 things in 10 minutes. I also love using emoji’s on Twitter! Retweeting is a wonderful invention for the things you think but are too afraid to actually say and quoting what others say and adding your own comments to it is also neat! Maybe it’s just because I’m still kind of new to Twitter that it fascinates me so much, but I am definitely team Twitter right now! I hate when I’m on Facebook and someone puts a quote as their status and I get the urge to re-post it but I can’t.

One bad thing about Twitter, people you don’t even know can follow you and get information through the people you retweet and through what you tweet. This can be prevented though by making the follow request be approved by you before they can view your tweets and follow you.

What side are you on? :)

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