Twitter…Not just a place to be social with friends

While Twitter may have been started to rival Facebook, for myself and others, Twitter has become much more useful in the professional world than Facebook could ever be. I admit I use both social media platforms but my main purpose for Facebook is to connect with friends, while I now have begun using Twitter to connect with my future profession – sport business.

You may wonder how Twitter could ever be used as such a networking tool, but I follow numerous sport business executives on Twitter. I tend to follow people that work in sales, marketing and sponsorship. I have been able to find helpful people to follow by the #sbchat that occurs every Sunday night. The #sbchat is a Q and A format talk on Twitter where sport business executives from around the world participate to learn best practices and stay current in the happenings of their profession. If you are interested in working in sports and have a Twitter account be sure to check out this chat every Sunday and be sure to use the hashtag #sbchat.

Some of my more favorite people to follow are the ones who also have a blog and tweet tips and articles that are helpful to those wanting to work in sports. I have also made a few Mount Union connections on Twitter. I follow @Flavil (vice president of sales for the Charlotte Bobcats), @JMikeMcGee (director for ANNIKA Brand), @ryanmrobbins (director of premium seating for the Oakland Raiders), @edkiernanNYC (senior vice president at GMR Marketing) and @NickVolsko (ticket sales in major league soccer). All of these former Mount Union sport business graduates are a great follow because of their success in their profession. Also Twitter gives you the ability to follow some of the brightest minds in the business of sports as numerous vice presidents and presidents of organizations actively use Twitter.

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