Try, Try again

One thing that has definitely been reinforced for me here at Mount Union, a lesson we probably all know but sometimes forget, is don’t stop trying even when you fail. I personally hate failing at attempts to obtain something. It really discourages me. There are so many opportunities here for you at Mount Union though so if you don’t get one position, job or anything else, there are plenty others to chase after. What sparked this reflection? Well I have been invited to join a new club called Alpha Lambda Delta and there are executive positions available, so I am going to try and win secretary. At first I was unsure if I wanted to put myself out there again and try for this though. Earlier in the year I did not receive the Student Senate position I tried to get, which at the time was very upsetting because it was the first thing I tried to get involved in at Mount Union. Then later I applied to be a Raider Guide and was not selected for that (I received an alternate position), which again left me discouraged. One position I have “won” is this blogging position! After debating about the secretary position I figured it would be worth a shot so today I will be giving a short speech about why I would like it and my qualifications. Then the chapter will vote for who should receive each position. Next year I am going to try out for an executive position in my sorority, so hopefully I get this to show that I can handle an executive position in a club. Wish me luck!

Remember: You never know unless you try.

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