Top ten moments of the semester

Okay, so it’s the end of the semester. I’ve been crazy busy with deadlines and studying, and boy am I pooped.

Like, I’m a double focus triple minor. Lots of classes (which isn’t really bad for me because I’m pretty thrilled about academics in general, and I love to learn).

So I just want to take this moment and reflect on some of my favorite art moments from the semester:

10. Loading the shoe for Almost, Maine
We had a shoe that had to mysteriously drop from the sky, and it was always hilarious trying to get the shoe up into the booth. The shoe would keep falling off! Ty Frank and Alyssa Suffron were my partners in crime for that one.

9. Margo Miller’s sabbatical display
Her artwork is actually still in Crandall now. But I love love love the use of color, and she really created some really interesting characters in her paintings.

8. Walking by Deb Lotsof’s office
She is such a sweetheart, and I happen to walk by her office every day. If you’re ever in the Department of Theatre or in a production, you’ll become familiar with her. She is just so nice and we always have the funniest exchanges.

7. Willis cracking up
Mr. Willis, the band director, cracked up one day in band and it was the most hilarious thing ever. Someone made some tongue-in-cheek comment, the class turned to look and we all laughed a little. Then we all face Mr. Willis again to find him cracking up at his podium. Sooooo funny.

6. Halloween Dance
Kappa Kappa Psi is the band fraternity, and we host two dances throughout the year. Cope Formal in the spring and the Halloween Dance in the fall. It was really fun, and we had so many interesting costumes! Great way for the band to bond.

5. “Do not be afraid!”
In women’s chorus, Dr. Cook was trying to show us how NOT to say something, and he ended up sounding like Forrest Gump when he said “Do naught be ah-fray-ud.”  <That’s how it sounded.

4. Warm ups in choir
They were just really fun. If you ever get a chance to be in a choir, cherish the warm ups. It’s making beautiful music without having the strictness of paying attention to diction and lyrics. I found that, no matter how stressful the day, warming up in choir made the day better.

3. The Mu Phi Epsilon Fancy Party
The music fraternity is Mu Phi Epsilon, and as one of our recruitment events, we hosted a fancy party. Everyone had to dress up, we put the word fancy in front of everything: Fancy cups, fancy forks, etc. And,  I made this chocolate and raspberry dessert that was to die for…if I do say so myself.

2. Doing the band dance.
We did a band dance in one of our halftime shows. I was on Homecoming Court, so I was off the field….and I did the dance anyway!! It was seriously a riot. I love band dances.

1. Servant of Two Masters
Legitimately one of the best shows I’ve seen at Mount Union. I was crying laughing, enjoyed myself all the way through and I even went to see it again. Jacob Ward, holy crap is he a great actor. This was a great debut show for Kevin Kern. It was awesome.

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