The Tribe Experience

So this post is definitely going to lack the usual “GO TRIBE” cheering … That winning streak that had the Indians fans coming out of the woodwork has went away … Let’s just hope it’s on a little hiatus and it’ll be coming back soon.

Despite the team’s dry spell, I have been down at every home game, enjoying the ballpark atmosphere. As I’ve mentioned before, I work with a bunch of people from Mount Union and I couldn’t love it any more. Come fall, I will be living with two of my friends from work – Sam and Stephanie. So, it is really nice being able to spend the summer together before a year of school!

Everyday at work I notice different parts of the job that I love more and more, however, I have found that the fans are what make the experience the best.

For instance, do you know how great of a feeling it is to hand a pack of baseball cards to a little kid and watch his or her face light up with excitement? Sure, it is just a pack of baseball cards, but that pack may have made the kid’s day! Sure, you’ll have the fans who get disappointed and complain … you’ll have that anywhere! But the excitement that the grateful fans give makes up for all of the negativity out there.

Also, it is almost inevitable that every single game I work at I see a handful of Mount Union students.  It’s great running into them because otherwise, I wouldn’t see them until the end of August! That’s a long time if you ask me.

Other than working downtown, summer has been going well. I’ve been keeping super busy which has made the beginning of summer fly by – is it already June? Yikes!


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