The New Mailbox App is Here

I have been reading many articles about this new email app for the iPhone that is supposed to “put my email in it’s place.” I dug a little deeper and have been anticipating the release of the Mailbox app for quite some time, and it’s finally here. It’s very true that the email can be a doozy, and everyone can attest to always trying to clear notifications until all messages have been marked as read.

“For the most part, apps that exist have tried to cram an existing desktop experience into a mobile phone. That’s not a very effective way of building a good tool,” said Gentry Underwood, CEO of Orchestra. ”I think most people have a poor email experience on the phone and are hungry for something better.”

The app’s unique interface allows users to turn a Gmail inbox into a type of “to-do” list, where each message can be “snoozed” for later perusal. For example, if an email isn’t urgent, but will require action the next day, a user can select the “tomorrow” snooze, which will move the message out of the active inbox and return it the next day. Snooze time settings are fully customizable.

The iPhone-only app features swipe gestures reminiscent of to-do app Clear, with users being able to swipe left or right to activate snooze timers and send message strings to the archive folder or a customizable lists folder. Emails can also be deleted with a longer swipe.

Anyone can download the app for free from the App Store, and those users who pre-registered can enter their reservation numbers for first-come, first-served account activation. Those who have yet to sign up can do so in-app, while all users can watch the reservation line in real-time. I am currently the 343,429 person in line for the waiting list, as you can see. Patiently waiting…

Special thanks to Apple Insider and Mashable for the details.

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  • I have written about this app when it was launched. It’s a breakthrough app for iPhone users, giving them a whole new experience of mail handling. It manages mails with so ease and professional approach that you hardly miss any important mail, yet it’s intelligent enough not to bug again and with the same mail.
    Tauseef Mallick

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