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If you are reading this, thanks! I appreciate anyone that takes the time to read my blog and everyone’s blog. If you don’t already know, I am an athletic training major, wrestler, student ambassador, Preview and Orientation guide, member of SAAC and the Athletic Training Club and I still get the recommended 8 hours sleep (usually). Oh yeah, and I play intramurals.

I was born and raised in Lyndhurst, which is about 25 minutes east of Cleveland. I have 3 siblings – Kanani is 31, Derek is 25 and Layla is 17. I also have 2 nephews named Juni and TJ. Although I’ve lived in the same city my entire life, I still travel nearly every year.  I have family in Florida, California, Hawaii, New York and Oregon.  I visit them when it is convenient, and my friend just got a job in Los Angeles, where he works for Joke Productions. I actually visited him this summer. I love to travel, yet I continue to stay in Ohio and at Mount Union.  I don’t what it is about Mount Union, but it’s my kind of place. It is welcoming and nature loving, which is good since I was born on Earth Day (April 22).

I went to Charles F. Brush High School, where I played trombone in the band, soccer, wrestling and I even played rugby during my senior year. Sports have always been a part of my life and they continue to be at Mount Union. Poetry and writing make their way into my life occasionally too. For more than a year, I wrote a poem every day.  It was a new way for me to express myself that I’ve never felt before.  It’s probably the same with blogging as I am still having a conversation with myself except I let people read this and not my poems.

Now that you know nearly every major thing about my life, continue on with your life until my next blog.  I will make my blogs as interesting, random and easy to read as I can.  One last thing… if you see me on campus, say “Hi.” It always makes my day better and hopefully my giant smile will make yours better too.

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