The Many Uses of Dryer Sheets

Some people think dryer sheets are only used for … well, dryers. Not anymore, I’ve discovered this simple sheet can do so much for the simplest things.

1.  Place one in your car, under a seat so nobody can see it, and wait a day. The next time you get in your car, you will smell the difference.

2.  Put one in your wallet, it’ll make your money smell great.

3.  Put one in your dresser or where ever your clothes may be.

4.  Wipe it on your skin to keep bugs away.

5. Put one in the toilet paper roll. Stick it in the actual roll and every time you use it, it will release just a little bit of fresh air.

6.  And, basically any old bag, book, shoe, compartment or cabinet will benefit from having one of these sheets in there.

These are just a few ways a dryer sheet can be used. I’m quickly realizing that even the cheap dryer sheets work well and they come in such a large quantity that you can use it anywhere and for anything! Dryer sheets are simple yet they’ll surprise you. So next time you see someone smell your money, just know that it’s because of that dryer sheet you just put in your wallet.

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