The Life of an Ohio Sports Fan

Last night was a tough loss for all of Buckeye nation. It still seems surreal for me that the Buckeyes were unable to pull off the victory, and for some reason, I still believe they have a chance to win it all. I felt for sure this was the time Ohio sport fans were finally going to be able to celebrate and rejoice in a championship.  The only time in my life that a team I am a passionate about has won a championship was the Buckeyes’ football national championship in 2002. After 2002, it has been all heartbreaking losses from the OSU football team’s back-to-back losses the National Championship to the OSU basketball team’s loss to Joakim Noah and the Florida Gators. On a professional level, 2007 was also a tough year for Cleveland sport fans, between the Cavaliers losing to the Spurs and the Indians unable to clinch the American League pennant after being up 3-1 in the series. I attended both the first home game of the ALDS and the ALCS that year and had plans in place for tickets to the World Series. Despite all my disappointments, I’m still a diehard sports fan, especially of Mount Union.

One of the many perks of being a Mount Union student is that tough losses are difficult to come by, especially in football. One reason Mount Union football is so successful is because they look at every day as a day to get better.  There is nothing like football here at Mount Union. Just attending the school makes you feel invested in the program, and all of the students take pride in the Mount Union football team. We especially enjoy bragging to all our friends who went to other OAC schools about our football team.

It is always a cool experience to see Mount Union mentioned on SportsCenter,, ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption or during an Indianapolis Colts game during the NFL season.  When Colts wide receiver and Mount alumnus Pierre Garcon burst onto the scene during the Colts Super Bowl run, Mount Union gained national attention. And, where did Garcon go just three days after the Super Bowl?  That’s right, Mount Union. Garcon finished up his degree from his alma mater and could be seen around campus anywhere from an intramural sports game to in the WRMU radio station broadcasting live.  He even came back from visiting Haiti to walk at graduation.

This year my dorm room window oversaw the football team’s practice field and I got to witness first hand why Mount Union football is so successful.  This year was especially exciting getting to watch Cecil Shorts, Mel Kiper’s fifth ranked wide receiver in this year’s draft perform in practice and during the games.  All future Purple Raiders: be sure follow Cecil Shorts on Twitter (@CShorts10) for first hand insight on the draft and to tune into ESPN for the NFL draft beginning April 28 to watch another Purple Raider get drafted. Check out the YouTube video of Shorts being interviewed at the NFL Combine.

-Zach McMurray

“Good is the Enemy of Great”

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