The “I” Word

Once you take your first class at Mount Union, you will start hearing the “I” word all the time. Professors will pound this word into your head so much that it may seem intimidating. You will hear upper classmen using this word on a normal basis, and it might add a lot of pressure to your mind at first…

What is this “I” word? INTERNSHIPS.

Mount really encourages its students to take part in at least one internship during their four years here. Students can take one for credit or just for experience for their resume, and they can be paid or on a volunteer basis. Internships are easy to find – nowadays almost every business out there will hire an intern. To find the perfect internship, students can talk to their professors, other faculty members, look online and ask family members.

Let me be the first to tell you: internships aren’t intimidating. Sure, you should really have one (or more) by the time you graduate from Mount, but the opportunities are unbelievable. Even if you get an unpaid internship, who cares? You are getting experience that most people will never get!

I’ll tell you a few places where some of my peers landed awesome internships (feel free to look them up!):

  • Akron Aeros
  • Alliance Community Hospital
  • American Eagle
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Cleveland Indians
  • Fahlgren Mortine
  • Hermes
  • Mahoning Valley Scrappers
  • NBA
  • Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Pro Football Hall of Fame
  • Q104
  • Q92
  • Sports Time Ohio (STO)

Does this list appeal to you at all? Let me just remind you that this is only one small list of examples of where Mount students have interned.

Internships are the resume builders that are going to help you land the perfect job when you graduate. Another great thing, if you start the search early in your college career, you get your foot in the door and the chances of you being hired at that business are high.

So don’t ever be intimidated when you hear the “I” word; just know that it can be the one of the best experiences of your college career.

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