The flutes and the reeds!

Yesterday was another wonderful concert in Presser Recital Hall! Have I mentioned that those are always free?

Seriously. Free concerts. Go to them!

Anyway, this was a dual concert — two times the music! The Woodwind Quartet and the Flute Choir played very well.

I love quartet music, especially the woodwind quartet. It’s cool to hear the bassoon, oboe, flute and clarinet all working together. My favorite piece they played was Danse Villageoise by Emmanuel Chabrier (1841-1894). They also did a really cool one called Quartet for Wood-Wind On Old Tunes by Herbert O. Sontag, and it was essentially a mash up of a lot of familiar folk tunes.

Woodwind Quartet: Heather Rice, Flute. Betty Shultz, Oboe. Ian Bell, Bassoon. Laryssa Byndas, Clarinet

L to R–Flute: Heather Rice, Oboe: Betty Shultz, Bassoon: Ian Bell, Clarinet: Laryssa Byndas

I love the sound of the oboe and bassoon. If you’ve never heard them played, they have a very unique sound that I find really pleasing. (One of our bassoonists, Ian Bell, will be doing a concerto tomorrow evening with Rep Strings, stop by Presser at 7:30 p.m.!)

The Flute Choir played as well. I love the sound a flute can make, and the songs they played really showed off all you can do with a flute. We even had a bass flute (played by Jessica Kostrab), an alto flute (Cresslyn DiRosa) and a piccolo (Heather Rice).

One song, Swing Along by Nancy W. Wood, made it seem like the sound was actually moving in waves across the line of flutes. Very cool effect.


L to R– Cresslyn DiRosa, Rachel Beach, Sarah Hohenadel, Alex Garner, Amanda Manley,
Cayley Briggs, Brianna Searing, Drew Duncan, Jessica Kostrab

Like I always say, the free concerts at Mount Union are great. You get to see the effort our peers put into their music, and you get some classical music under your listening belt.

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