The end

Not really for me, but maybe for others. The spring semester is coming to an end and many students are preparing to change, whether it is transferring to another school, graduating from Mount Union or just moving on to new classes. As for me, I am preparing to go into my second year as a music education major, and I am excited and very nervous.

Going back to the topic of this year … As the semester comes to a close and finals start to roll around and everyone starts to make sure that all of their grades are great (as all Mount Union students have), the stress starts to kick in. For me, it is a very big deal that my grades are great and that all of my finals go very well. Being in music, it is important that we pass our finals. If any student struggles in finals it doesn’t look very good when it is time for sophomore evaluations (which decide whether or not the students can continue in the major).So, all I am trying to say is enjoy the rest of the year. If you are a senior getting ready to graduate, good luck in the world. And, if you are thinking about coming to Mount Union, don’t let the thought of finals and stress scare you. Good luck to everyone else continuing at Mount Union and at other schools as well.

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