The end is near…

FINALS WEEK is just about upon us … Tomorrow (Monday) is the last day of classes for the semester. I feel like tomorrow everything needs to be wrapped up. Hopefully papers, tests and projects will finally be handed back so we can all know where we stand with our grades before we take final exams.

Tuesday is “Reading Day,” which is basically just a day off of school that students are supposed to use to study.

Wednesday starts final exams but I won’t be on campus because I’m going to the Lady Gaga concert!! :] I’m excited, but I wish it had fallen a week later because I do have a final at 8 a.m. the next morning :[

It will all work out. I'm hoping to study a lot Tuesday and during the day on Wednesday to be ready for my exam. Then I have two exams on Thursday and two on Friday… AND THEN I'M DONEEEEE!!! I'm so excited to be finished with all of the schoolwork for this semester. It has been an insane semester, but definitely a good one.

I'll keep you updated throughout the week with how the finals seem to be going and maybe I'll even write a post about the Gaga concert :]




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