The economy is making me sick!

Most of the time, people are not aware of public health since most people are healthy. When people become sick, they think of their individual health. Also, public health is hardly ever in the news. All the news talks about now are the presidential election and the economy. However, with the recession, public health becomes worse. Epidemiologist Richard Wilkinson believes that there is a direct correlation with public health and the economy stating that “Unemployment is bad for your health…The evidence from studies looking at the closure of factories is that everybody who lost their job saw their health go down regardless of how healthy they were to start with, (Daloni Carlisle, 2008).” When the unemployment rate is 8.2%, that equals over 25 million people. That is a lot of people who do not have health insurance.

Another link between the economy and public health is that people eat cheap food, specifically fast food. A full meal at McDonalds can cost less than $5 while the ingredients to a good at home meal may cost the same, but isn’t as easy to make. Sometimes ignorance is not bliss, not being informed of your health or the community’s health around you can make times like these, much, much worse.

Author: Jim Powers
Resources: Public Health in a Recession (2008)

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