Thankful for your “Family”

This is a response to Families Don’t Always Share The Same Genes and Thankful November.

Thanksgiving is a time for a dinner with your family. For most of us, we don’t have dinner with the same family every year. My family travels to have dinner with different parts of the family, so it is never the same Thanksgiving dinner. For some students, they don’t even go home for Thanksgiving because of a sport. Who are they going to have Thanksgiving with?

There is a turkey feast that is held every Sunday before Thanksgiving. It is basically a Thanksgiving dinner, but for brunch. I completely forgot about it this year. I had walked to Kresge Dining Commons alone and sat with two friends I just happened to walk in with. If you wanted to carve your own turkey, you had to reserve a table ahead of time with a few other people. I didn’t realize it until I sat down about just how thankful I was that I had friends to sit with. Usually I am able to sit alone while eating, but for this particular meal, I was so grateful I sat with people. It was a quick meal but it was one that was more memorable than most.

I will be going home for Thanksgiving, but some people aren’t. It is a lonely time when you aren’t with your family on a holiday. Holidays are known for being with your family and when you aren’t, it is definitely a downer. Some people will have practice and a variety of other things going on during Thanksgiving break. This campus will seem empty and there won’t be much to do.

Thanksgiving also is a time to be thankful, be thankful for those that surround you every day. They are your friends and your family, and they are people you would do almost anything for. Family doesn’t always share the same genes, but be thankful for the ones that don’t have the same genes. Those people surround you every single day. You have to realize that you see your friends at school more often than your family at home.

I could go on forever about things I am thankful for, but I won’t for the sake of your attention span. November is known as No-Shave November and Thankful November. I care more about Thankful November simply because if I didn’t shave, my facial hair would look gross. I’m thankful I don’t have to shave every day.

Seriously though … think of everything you are thankful and grateful for.

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