Thankful for…homework?!

Yes, you did just read that I am thankful for homework … before you think I’m crazy, let me explain.

The past two semesters have been loaded with work … (maybe not so thankful for that part, sorry professors!). HOWEVER, the assignments that I have been given have actually been great.

While I might not agree with that last statement at first, I come to realize that the assignments we get in school are pretty interesting.

For instance, last semester in my marketing class, we were assigned a huge project where we chose a business to team up with the Inspi(RED) campaign. We had to research a company and I chose Chipotle! We found all these creative ways to team up with RED and do fun promotions. My group got t-shirts made of a red foil wrapped burrito, and we learned new ways to promote our idea. I’m really interested in social media so I focused most of our project on just that. I was able to learn all about Chipotle and get graded on it… (be honest – who is craving a burrito now?)

In my advanced public relations class, we were assigned real clients from the surrounding area and we had to work with them on projects that they assigned to us. My group was given two projects that, at the time, seemed overwhelming (heck, they still kind of do) but they really taught us so much.

The first project was to create a video on Alliance and show it at a convention type event being held on the campus in April. There is so much more to creating a video than just filming – we toured Alliance, saw places we’ve never knew existed, met awesome people who are trying to turn Alliance into the hot spot it once was and also met inspirational people who are dedicating their lives to help the people of Alliance. After taking the tours and learning all we have so far, I really have a new level of respect for the city.

The second project we were assigned was to help a family in Alliance that wants to start up a Carnation business. We met with our client and she had all these goals for her company, including the making of a website, which we are going to be helping her with. We were able to pick out the name for her company, design their logo and got the website and social media up and running – basically help the company blast off!

In one of my sport business classes, we are making sponsorship proposals for a  professional team in Colorado (I chose the Rockies!) and then picking a potential sponsor for the team and creating a plan to go along with it.  We get to be as creative as we want while creating promotional events for our team. Remember my marketing project with Chipotle? Since I’ve learned so much about that company, I’ve decided to use Chipotle as my potential sponsor, and it’s a huge plus that they’re based in Denver. I am really looking forward to completing this project because I’ll learn so much more about both companies and I can use it in my portfolio! (Ok, if you weren’t craving a burrito before, are you now?!)

So, sure, it may seem like an overwhelming amount of work but it isn’t. Would you rather be sitting in class taking notes and listening to lectures? The projects I’ve worked on in school (and those were only a few examples) have taught me so much about the real world and have made me excited to start working someday!


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