Taste of Spring

Hello all!

So last week we had a nice surprise of some warmer weather! Unfortunately it was raining the three days it was above 50, but some people still enjoyed that over all the snow we’ve been having. Personally, I love the snow! It’s not as wet as rain, it’s fun and it usually looks gorgeous! I would choose snow over rain any day. The warmer weather was a very nice change of pace though! Not having to wear big sweaters and gloves all the time felt nice. Some people were even in athletic shorts one of the days!

It was nice I admit but I don’t mind the cold as much as some other people. The weather is pretty bipolar here though. One day it’s 57 and the next day it’s 20 degrees outside! It was a really dramatic change. Ever since then it has been off and on snowing, some days more than others but it’s still there. The staff members who clear the sidewalks usually can’t keep up with it. The salt doesn’t seem to do much because there is just so much. The snow makes everything mushy though, which makes walking a balance trick. I almost slipped today going out of the library! It would’ve been really embarrassing and I’m proud to say so far I have been able to keep my balance well.

Later this week it’s supposed to get back up to the 40s but I’m sure it probably won’t last for long. I just hope if it’s nice out it’s clear, sunny and not rainy. Rain makes me want to lie in bed and not go to class. So far we have not had any snow days or class cancellations because professors couldn’t make it in. It’s kind of disappointing because that was always the best part of getting snow in high school but at the same time missing a week could really throw off your class. I know a lot of people here are ready for spring to officially start but as for me I can handle the snowy weather for another month or so.

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