Surfaces and Spaces

If you haven’t been to Crandall Art Gallery lately, you should totally head over there.

The current display is by artist Christopher Ryan, and it’s called Surfaces and Spaces. The pieces are from his Pavimenti and landscape series.

This display will only last until March 6, so the time to see these incredible works is now!

I found this gallery display particularly interesting. Most of the pieces look like some sort of tile or marble floor that’s had something set or dropped on it.


(Torcello Plates by Christopher Ryan. I especially love the cupcakes and colors in this one!)


All the floors in his paintings are based off of mosaic and inlaid stone floors found throughout Italy.

I like two things about it. First, there seems to be a definite difference between faded and bright colors. Second, there’s a contrast between the ancient floors and the modern things set on them.

There’s also a couple of works made with interesting materials. My personal favorite is one where the figures in the piece are made out of newspaper. Really eye-catching stuff!

newspaper(Golden Age, by Christopher Ryan. Those figures are made out of newspaper!)

All in all, this exhibit catches my eye whenever I walk by it, and I think it’s really cool. Crandall Art Gallery is yet another opportunity to see fine arts in action on Mount Union’s campus, and the gallery is free and open to the public!













(Outdoor Cafe, Gubbio, by Christopher Ryan. This is the one that catches my eye every time I go through the gallery.)

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