Super Bowl Sunday

Yet again, the Super Bowl proved to be an interesting one. I was unable to watch the whole thing but I think the parts I caught were the best! I went to the gym at the second quarter and ended up catching the whole thing, which turned out to be a great quarter for the Ravens! I really thought that the Ravens had it in the bag at that point. So instead of hanging out at the lobby party with some of the other people in our dorm, I went back to my dorm to study. During the fourth quarter my roommate started noticing tweets about the 49ers making a comeback so I went to CBSonline and caught it at the five minute mark of the fourth quarter. I was so surprised by the score! I’m glad it turned into a close game though and not a blowout because those are always boring to watch. Even though I don’t really prefer either team, when the 49ers had a chance to get a touchdown (at the two min mark), I was rooting for them to get it. I couldn’t believe the offense just let it go. Props to the Ravens defense though. I think the 49ers made a good comeback but their early performance just couldn’t be made up for.

The next day at the gym the news was on and one of the top stories was about investigators trying to figure out why the Super Bowl went black. I didn’t know it was such a mystery. I just thought that maybe the halftime show just shorted something. I wish I could’ve seen what it looked like when it went from light to dark! What did you think about the blackout? What are some reasons you think could have caused it?

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