Summer, nice to FINALLY see you!

Well, well, well … looks like Ohio-summer has finally arrived. This morning as I was running my errands, the thermometer in my car read a whopping 95 degrees… can we say ‘IT IS ABOUT TIME!’ ?

Unfortunately, our Cleveland Indians have hit a dry spell too, losing to the Red Sox, Rays and Jays. It’s OK though! Everyone is starting to doubt the team, saying the early winning record has went straight to their heads and now they are getting lazy. It has only been a few losses, folks. We’ve been playing decent teams, so we can’t win ‘em all! Here’s to bringing home some more’s… and soon!

The Tribe has been out of town for almost a week now, which means I haven’t been able to enjoy the ballpark lately. However, Sports Time Ohio filmed an in-game promotional clip and has been using it during every away game… guess who the clip stars… moi! It has been nice to check my Facebook, Twitter and text messages to hear from all of my school friends that they have seen me on TV! Maybe that will be my 15 minutes of fame :]

Since I have been away from the ballpark, I’ve been able to spend more time with my friends and family. This weekend I went up to Geneva On The Lake with my boyfriend and we enjoyed a little bit of our Memorial Day weekend there! We actually ran into quite a few Mount Union friends during our trip.

My mom and I soaked up the sun on Monday – the pools around here are finally starting to open and it is all so very beautiful!

Of course, the Jim Tressel incident has pretty much all of Ohio in a rage, along with the Indians’ little losing-streak; not a good weekend for Ohio sports fans. Oh well, there is always tomorrow!


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