Stunts and health

The issue in public health that I think is hurting our younger generations is an array of dangerous health stunts which they are participating in. When my mom was a child she used to tell me stories of them doing crazy things like putting pop rocks in their mouths then chugging coca cola or pretending they were Evil Kneivel by jumping their bikes, skateboards and roller-skates over ramps, creeks and even each other. However, as dumb as the things my mother used to do, the things that kids are doing today are so much more dangerous. Kids are trying to do things like eating bananas and chugging sierra mist to see if they will vomit or eating a tablespoon full of straight cinnamon and try to keep from choking. The most dangerous thing of all would have to be the fact kids that are putting salt and ice cubes on their arms and seeing how badly they can get burned before they rinse it off.

This is a serious issue because we have learned that the choices we make when we’re young can change the rest of our lives forever. These stunts are not just something to laugh at and ignore because they can cause major injury or even fatalities and that can have a big effect on the community.  We are affected by the community in which we live, so this makes me want to look more into the health of the community where much of this is taking place. Through the windshield survey that my group did at the beginning of the year, a small portion of Alliance had a lot of boarded up houses, a lot of un-kept yards and unfortunately a lot of kids who looked like they should have been in school but were just out roaming the streets. I feel as though these community settings cause kids to pull these kinds of stunts that can seriously put their lives in danger because there is nothing else for them to do.

By: Amanda Perillo

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